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detalles del producto
casa >>accesorios para cinta de goteo>>racores de tuerca de seguridad para cinta de goteo>>cinta con dos lengüetas, dn16 * 17 * 16. bt021716
cinta con dos lengüetas, dn16 * 17 * 16. bt021716
drip tape tee connector with two bard and one lock nut
  • color: Green Nut
  • origen del producto : Xiamen, China
  • pago : T/T, L/C
  • Puerto de embarque : Xiamen
  • tiempo de espera : 20 days for one 20 feet container
  • marca: chinadrip
  • Artículo No.: BT021716
detalles del producto

Lock Nut Fitting Family:

Lock Nut tape fittings for drip irrigation


In Think Wall Drip Tape & Medium Wall Drip Tape from 0.15mm to 0.6mm .


1. An extremely reliable connector (fastened by a nut), easily opened (when required)

2. Extremely long - when SDI is used and a drip line happens to crack/ blow up needing cut off and repair, it will be relatively easy to connect both ends of the pipe using this connector.

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tema : cinta con dos lengüetas, dn16 * 17 * 16. bt021716

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